And I Darken- Discussion


Spoilers ahead 2

Only read on if you have already read the book. There are spoilers in here. Come back after you’ve read the book, please.


  • So I want to address the issue I have with Mehmed. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t like him much. I admit, it has a lot to do with his frequent visits to the harlem (I understand it’s his “duty” but I don’t know if I trust him….) and also his obsession with conquering Constantinople. Although I don’t really agree with the attempt to murder Mehmed, I did agree with Ilyas’s point. It was unfair that Mehmed would risk all the janissaries’ lives for a war that isn’t necessary to begin with.


  • Did y’all see the ending coming though? I was so happy. It is so fitting that she’d choose to leave. In the end, she’s Lada and nothing would’ve kept her from the Wallachia that she loved so much. To have chosen Mehmed would’ve been out of character.


  • I’m sad that Radu couldn’t get over Mehmed and leave as well, but I admit that it’s very fitting that he’d stay. Poor Radu, though… I feel so sorry for him. Each time he pines over Mehmed, I want to cry. It’s the most painful and realistic portrayal of an unrequited love.



  • So there are two more books to go (which is fan-freaking-tastic) and I have a feeling the next book’s gonna focus on  Lada’s retrieval of the Wallachian throne and Mehmed and Radu’s attempt to take over Constantinople.


  • I have a feeling that Bogdan is gonna turn on Lada though. Didn’t you guys notice weird about him after Lada found him? I might be over-reaching but still…


  • Guys so we know Mehmed doesn’t really reciprocate Radu’s feelings (…right?) That leaves me wondering: Who’s Radu gonna end up with? and guess what, I have a pretty good idea *waggles eyebrows suggestively* The following is from when an envoy from Constantinople came to Mehmed, bearing gifts:

Radu looked up at the envoy to find one member, a young man with clear gray eyes, watching him intently. The man blushed and looked away…

(Whatever, just casual flirting)

Again he caught the gray-eyed young man staring at him. Radu did not know what he meant…

(again? hmmm)

The gray-eyed man caught Radu’s gaze one last time. A quick smile like a secret like a secret fluttered over his lips. Radu felt a matching flutter somewhere inside

Radu felt a matching flutter somewhere inside. (DO YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING??)

  • Ok this might be a bit of a stretch but my biggest OTP right now is Radu + Happiness– so don’t blame me. Besides, if you guys remember, Radu never felt anything for anyone other than Mehmed. Not Salih, not Lazar. No one. So this interaction with the “gray-eyed man” is important, especially since the envoy hasn’t left yet and Radu would have the chance to interact more with him. Mark my words. The gray-eyed man will be back in the next book.
  • I feel like this would be a smart move for Kiersten too, because Radu has converted to Islam and if this guy from a Christian nation turns out to be his love-interest, it would make for an interesting relationship for her to develop.


What do you guys think so far? How do you think the second book would play out? Let me know down below!



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