A Gathering of Shadows- Discussion


Spoilers ahead 2

Read on only if you’ve already read A Gathering of Shadows. If not, be warned of spoilers. Come back after you’ve read the book, please.


Lila :

  • So I have a speculation that Lila is Antari. I mean it’s kinda obvious, isn’t it? It’s the only explanation I could find for her eyes (one’s lighter than the other). Also, I only realized in this book that she was blind. I mean, I remember I was asking myself if she was blind in the first book but since there was no mention of it (that I remember), I thought I was wrong. Although I kinda guessed, I was surprised.
  • I can almost guarantee that Lila’s gonna have her own ship and she’s gonna be the baddest Captain to ever live. The question is: Is Kell coming along???


Alucard :

  • I am the most curious about Emery tbh. I want to know what happened to him in the past. What happened with Rhy? Why did he choose to leave? The scars on his wrist, did they happen when he was caught in Red London? because that’s horrible. Is he ever getting back together with Rhy (cause I ship that more than I ship Kell x Lila. Is it just me?) Most importantly, is he gonna die????

Ok, I know I caught you off guard with that one, but you’d understand if you saw this snippet from Victoria herself:




  • On lighter (sexier) note, who else died that moment Alucard appeared in Rhy’s room?

“Alucard snaked an arm possessively around his shoulders and brought his lips to the prince’s neck, just below his ear. Rhy actually shivered.
“You are far too familiar with your prince,” he warned.
“So you confess it, then?” His brushed his lips against Rhy’s throat. “That you are mine.”





  • Poor Kell…I swear I teared up when he cried. At this point, I hate the king and the queen both sooooo much. I didn’t like them much to begin with and now…
  • I’m 98% sure that he’s leaving Red London, or at least he’s leaving the palace. there’s no way in hell he’ll be staying there.
  • I hope he ends up on Lila’s pirate ship.



  • I feel like Rhy is a fit ruler for Red London. He cares so much about the people and although he doesn’t have magic, he is strong and capable.
  • I don’t know what Alucard did to him, but he better not hurt him again. Also, I wish it isn’t that bad so they can get back together.
  • I have no idea if the bond is gonna break in the third book. I mean, there has to be a way right? If they kill Osaron, then it has to be broken.


The Cliff hanger:

  • That end was so cruel!!
  • Lila’s gonna travel (it has to work).
  • I hope Rhy is okay.
  • I hope no one dies (except maybe the king and queen)
  • Am I the only one expecting Ned to turn out a hero?
  • I know it’s unlikely but I want Holland to live. I actually like him and I feel so bad for him.
  • I don’t know how to feel about Ojka.



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