June & July 2017 Wrap-Up + Hiatus


I thought May was a bad reading month but June and July were the worst months by far. I went from reading 10 books in a month to reading 5 in June and only 3 in July. I’m so far behind that I can’t even…

These are the books I’ve read in June and July combined. Below each book is my rating:

ARCs :


5 star     4 star      4 star      4 star

Others :


5 star     5 star      5 star        4 star


So far, this is what my Goodreads challenge looks like : 

Which of these books have you read or added to your TBR pile?  Let me know in the comments below 😀

I will be taking a short hiatus starting this month. I believe I’ll be back on track this September and the blog will most probably be revamped by then. I feel like there’s a lot I need to change and I really need the time to catch up on reading and reviewing. I’ll be active on Twitter and basically every social media account so I won’t be completely off the grid. 

So for now…


2 thoughts on “June & July 2017 Wrap-Up + Hiatus

Add yours

  1. “Forest of a Thousand Lanterns” and “Lord of Shadows” are on my sometime TBR, but I might ditch Cassandra’s book, was way too disappointed by The Tales from Shadowhunter Academy that made me think of stopping the whole series. My next book will be “Perilous Undertaking” by Deanna Raybourn, I have high expectations for August Read 9 ebooks and 8 library books or maybe less e-books and more books from library, will see how it goes, but I have ordered quite a number and I do hope to get to read them 😀


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