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Why You Should Be A Picky Reader (and How)

Do you constantly find yourself wasting time choosing what to read next instead of actually reading? Does your TBR shelf make you dizzy? Too many books on your bookshelf, too many ARCs and new releases to catch up with????

Here’s my solution : BE PICKY!

Reading requires some amount of time commitment. As much as we wish to spend hours and hours poring over our current reads, there’s just too many things getting in the way. Whether we have kids, jobs, school…it’s just not as easy to carve out some reading time in our already-crammed days, which is why I think everyone should be picky as to what to read. 

I’m a picky reader. I only read books that I feel like I’d enjoy. Because of this, most of my reads in 2017 have been 5 or 4 stars. Here’s this year’s rating statistics :

As you can see, most of the books I’ve read are 5 stars!

Accept the fact that you won’t be able to get to all the books you want to read. There’ll be too many new releases that catch your eye and too many books from the last few years that you hadn’t caught up with. It seems like us bookworms are always latching onto the hope of reading all past and upcoming releases. Hype plays a big factor in adding to the ever-flowing TBR shelf. Books that you hadn’t even found interesting start getting 5-stars in your Goodreads feed or Twitter timeline and suddenly they become must-reads.

Adding 10 books per day to your TBR is all part of being a bookworm. I can’t help you with that since I’m guilty of it as well. But this leads us to the next point :

Too many books, too little time!

Seriously, ask yourselves: Why waste time on something you’re skeptical about when you can get to your most anticipated reads instead. Decide what type of books you want to focus on.

  • Diverse reads should be a priority. I hope people don’t hop in my mentions claiming that I have no right telling them what to read. It’s no secret that the publishing industry is sorely lacking in diversity. And it’s no secret that there are many harmful, problematic books being published out there. Reading Diversely and prioritizing #OwnVoices books isn’t just about enriching your knowledge and awareness, it’s also about supporting proper representation of the minority and boosting marginalized authors.
  • Find yourself losing interest in Paranormal romance, Contemporary or YA books as a whole?  Then drop them. Read the genre of books that you’ve grown fond of. Sick of love-triangles and insta-love or protagonists that are ‘not like other girls’?? Then stop reading books with all those tropes. That leads as to the next point:

How else are you going to save yourself from wasting precious time on your most hated trope? How else would you know whether a book is for you?

  • Personally, unless I’m a 100% mesmerized by a synopsis, I’ll always read reviews before getting a book. I want to know whether the synopsis really summarizes it’s premise, whether the writing is good or bearable, whether I might like that book or not. Also….(here’s where you grasp just how picky I really am)….I read status updates of some upcoming releases to decide if they should be on my TBR. If you don’t know that feature on Goodreads, I’ll be enlightening you in my next discussion post *wink wink*
  • If I hear that a book is harmful and problematic, it’s automatically removed from my Goodreads shelf. I have no interest supporting it by purchasing it. There are too many books out there I’m waiting to read; I’m not about to read a potentially harmful books just to ‘offer my own opinion’. It’s enough to hear the opinions of those who share the marginalization represented in the books. 

Setting goals is another way to be a picky reader.

  • You might want to venture into non-fiction, Middle grade or Adult Fantasy. You might want to read at least five classics this year, you might want to finish a series in the next few days. Whatever your reading goal, sticking to it is important. What I personally do is afix certain books for a certain month. I know it might sound ridiculous but it really works for me. This is my current Goodreads shelf :

This is not set in stone; I can remove or add books and I can replace it with something I want to read instead. I always start with 10 books each month and I read as much as I can. I transfer the rest to the next month.

The important thing is that I have already decided what to read and that makes my TBR more manageable, it keeps me from feeling overwhelmed.

I hope you find these tips helpful!! Let me know down below what you thought 😀


2 thoughts on “Why You Should Be A Picky Reader (and How)

  1. I really like the suggestions you make here, especially seeing what other bloggers have to say. It becomes confusing when I read a review that a blogger loved and then two days later read a different reviewer’s thoughts on the same book, and they hated the book or found it problematic! I’m trying to find more new bloggers to follow. Whose reviews do you like to read?


    1. Yes, it’s confusing keeping up with people’s reviews, especially on books with mixed reviews! I tend to always read many reviews on Goodreads before deciding for myself if it sounds like something I like. I’d recommend, A Gingerly Review and Thoughts on Tomes (on Youtube).

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