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April 2017 Wrap-up


I read a total of  8 books this month and I’m a bit disappointed because I was aiming for at least 12. But, overall, it was a great reading month since most of the books I read turned out to be very enjoyable. The first few days were filled with 5-star reads (mostly Sci-Fi for some reason). Again I cheated and snuck in two graphic novels lol. Someone needs to stop me from cheating again…


These are the books I’ve read in January and February. Below each book is my rating. Click the covers to add them to Goodreads!

ARCs :


5 star      5 star     4 half star     5 star

Others :


3 star     4 half star     4 star     

So far, this is what my Goodreads challenge looks like: 

Which of these books have you read or added to your TBR pile?  Let me know in the comments below 😀


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