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March 2017 Wrap-up


March has been a fantastic reading month for me! I was aiming for 16 books but I’ve read 13 instead, which is absolutely fine by me. It’s the most amount of books I’ve read in a single month. Although, I did kinda cheat by reading two graphic novels lol, but hey, graphic novels are books too so…


These are the books I’ve read in January and February. Below each book is my rating. Click the covers to check out my reviews for each book. Most of these don’t have reviews yet!

ARCs :


4 star            5 star      5 star     4 half star

Others :


3 star     4 star             5 star      


5 star             

So far, this is what my Goodreads challenge looks like : 


  • I didn’t add anything at all to my WIP this month.
  • But I’d been doing some research and trying to figure out the plot, as it tends to be the hardest part for me. 
  • I know I said I’d outline during spring break but that hasn’t happened. 
  • I decided to give the story some time to be more fleshed out, so I won’t be writing it until summer. Hopefully that is enough time for me to figure out where my WIP is going. 

Which of these books have you read or added to your TBR pile?  Let me know in the comments below 😀


5 thoughts on “March 2017 Wrap-up

    1. Me too! Although I did wish it was longer… Yes! I’m only a few pages in but I’m enjoying it. The slow pacing and the length is kinda daunting tho so I’m trying to make time to read it, maybe set away a few days for it.

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      1. I wish publishers would put something on the cover like “a novella” so people won’t be disappointed that it’s so short! Idk if you know there’s a sequel (Binti:Home) already out since January and third one out in September ? 🙂

        Ha I understand! I love slow-paced book but I know it’s not what most people prefer!


      2. I heard about the sequel but I haven’t read it yet. Have you? I didn’t know about the third novella at all 😲, definitely looking forward to it! I don’t mind slow-paced books that much, they’re just harder to get into, I very much prefer faster paced ones.


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