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March 2017 TBR

      This month, I plan to read a total of 16 books. Yeah, I know…not likely. But I still want to try! This way I can make up for the horrible reading month that was February. Two of the books I’ll be reading are reference books for my writing. I’m excited to get into them but I’m so bad at making myself read non-fiction. I have never finished a single non-fiction book. That’s how bad it is…

(Click on the covers to add on Goodreads)

a-conjuring-of-light  the-hate-u-give  long-way-to-a-small  goodbye-days  frostblood

11  5  12  daughter-of-a-pirate-king  the-edge-of-everything

gilded-cage  hunted  city-of-saints-thieves  wintersong  elements-of-style


8 thoughts on “March 2017 TBR

  1. Ooh you’ve got some really good books on there. Sixteen is a challenge, good luck. How do you get the pictures to link to goodreads (every time I’ve tried that it hasn’t worked).


    1. Yeah, don’t know if I’ll make it if I’m honest. For the link, there’s an ‘insert link’ option in the blog post editing page. It should work for you


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