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Bookish Items You Didn’t Know You Needed


reading position

Do any of these reading positions look familiar?

Reading can be a real pain sometimes. Literally. Have you guys heard of the Book Pain Syndrome? Yep, I bet you have…and have you guys been able to find a solution for it? Because lord knows I haven’t. I have been recycling a bunch of reading positions forever, trying to find one that’s comfortable enough.


But what if there were easier ways?


There are so many ridiculous but effective solutions out there. Like this “Egg Cuber”

egg cuber

and even more absurd stuff you could never imagine. You can check out this video for a whole bunch of “Butter Gadgets” :

Don’t ask how I found this video (I was sucked into the You Tube vortex of no comeback). The main point is it piqued my interest, and of course it had me wondering were there such items for us bookish people as well? And the search began…(and resulted in mostly self-indulgent bookish items, but some that are actually useful too…)


Here are some Bookish Items You Didn’t Realize You Needed:




prism glass

The Prism Glass is a glass that enables you to lie down on your back while watching TV or reading a book. Can you imagine? No more back pains and no more fumbling around for a comfortable reading position. You can get this item easily online. Here are the links:

Amazon logo     jet 1





book restYou can easily place them on your lap so that you can read, or you can place it on any

other surface to read while doing something else. Wanna read while cooking? While brushing your teeth? (If people actually do that) Then these might be perfect for you.


Amazon logo   etsy-logo   jet 1




tranparentDo you ever get tired of holding a book open? That’s one of the biggest nuisances of reading a book, and one of the reasons I had once switched to reading ebooks. But ebooks aren’t really fun for me. The reading experience is much better with the real thing in your hands; which is why this item is a savior.

Amazon logo






bed rest

I don’t know about you guys, but when I read, I read on my bed. And this would make it a thousand times easier for me. You have a cup holder, an overhead light and a comfortable head rest. What more could you need?

Amazon logojet 1





book safe

I don’t if people would actually need this, but frankly, how cool is this? You can pop this safe anywhere in-between your other books on your shelf and no one will even notice it. Best type of diversion safe if you ask me.

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book light

When I was a kid, my parents used to make me stop reading and go to bed. (Parents, why would you ever stop your kids from reading?) So I would comply only until they go to bed themselves and then I grab my tablet and read inside the covers, disappointed that I can’t read a real book in the dark. If I had known book lights existed, I would’ve bought one indeed.

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book skirt

Ok, this one is purely self-indulgent. But seriously,how cute is this? You can find a bunch of other skirts like this on Etsy.


There are a lot more bookish stuff out there. Are there some that you’ve caved and bought? Any I should’ve included? Let me know down below.


2 thoughts on “Bookish Items You Didn’t Know You Needed

  1. I have wanted the transparent book weight for such a long time, but could never find anywhere good to purchase one! I admit it seems kind of stupid for casual reading. (I don’t read slowly enough I’d want to weight the pages for any significant time before turning them.) However, it would be perfect for research! I have such struggles weighting down book pages so I can type up quotes from them or otherwise reference them at length! :p


  2. Yeah,I get what you mean. If you tend to fly through pages then it really is useless. And me being the clumsy girl I am, I’d probably tear some pages while fumbling with the book weight lol 😀 But like you said, it would be tremendously helpful if you’re doing research or taking time on a page generally. Thanks for the comment! I hope the links I provided were helpful if you decide to purchase it


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